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-Little Times Square Tour on ARRIVAL for as little $75
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We limo service every day To or From the NY airport, hotel, apt, home no matter how late or early your flight leaves or arrives New York City Airport Limo Service. Last minute private transfer NY NYC airport limo service Stretch limousine FROM/TO all major New York airports and all Piers in the New York City Tri State Area services Airport Limo Services NYC. Professional Business Private Travel, Road Show distance trips, Corporate or Individual Travel to Meeting, Convention or Conference, New York City exclusive sedans, limousine service with best prices. Luxury limos for NY New York Airports Limos JFK airport limo transfer, LaGuardia (LGA) airport, airport limo Newark (EWR) airport limousines, Westchester County Chauffeured Airport Limousines, Westchester County limousine, White Plains HPN airport, Teterboro (TEB) private jet, MacArthur (ISP) airport, chauffeured luxury car limo rentals in NY, LAST MINUTE airport limo, New York City PRIVATE Sightseeing TOUR Packages, New York Airports Airlines Cruise Transfer info

Professional NYC airport service, New York City Limousine, Westchester County, Tri States Area, New York airports sedan or limo transportation, JFK limo, NY ladies shopping limo, New York party limo.

Louer une Limousine a New York avec  view our AIRPORT PRICE EXAMPLE  PRICE CALCULATOR Lookup  Statue of Liberty NY Limousine

Royal Way Limousine, Inc. provide service with higher standards in limousine industry, NOT affiliate with other ROYAL LIMOUSINES so BE AWARE.
** don't forget before you book with any company to read their REVIEWS if they have. READ NOW our sincere REVIEWS/Testimonials
LGA airport prices | JFK airport prices | NEWARK airport prices | HPN airport prices | MacArthur - Islip airport prices | New York Airports Airlines Cruise Transfer info

Domestic or international arrivals we offer FREE INSIDE Meet & Greet service with YOUR NAME on Royal Way Limousine card -meets our traditional USA Royal Way Welcome!
NY AIRPORT 6 Passengers STRETCH Limousine Ride (2-5 pass + 5 luggages for airports):
RT airport limo booking get FREE champagne on arrival/limo ride guarantee.
-LaGuardia airport Arrival=$169 or Departure $169 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 passengers + 5 luggage's for airport)
-JFK airport Limousine Arrival=$195 ****** Departure $195 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 pass for airport)
-Newark airport Arrival=$219 *********** Departure $219 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 pass for airport)
-Teterboro Private airport Arrival=$219 *** Departure $219 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 pass for airport)
-White Plains Airport Arrival=$219 ******* Departure $219 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 pass for airport)
MacArthur-ISLIP Airport -Arrival=$239 **** Departure $239 -ALL INCLUSIVE (1-5 pass for airport)

Airports 8 PASS stretch limousine (2-6 pass + 6 luggages) please add $40 to above airport 6 pass stretch limousine price LGA=$169+40=$209
Airports 10 PASS stretch limousine (2-7 pass + 7 luggages) please add $60 to above airport 6 pass stretch limousine price LGA=$169+60=$229
Special deal 14 pass GMC SUV Stretch limo/LGA Airport only outside Curb side pick-up $235.00 (2-8 pass + 8 luggage's)
Special deal 14 pass SUV GMC Stretch limo/JFK Airport only outside Curb side pick-up $269.00 (2-8 pass + 8 luggage's)
Special deal 14 pass SUV Stretch GMC limo/Newark Airport only outside Curb side pick-up $297 (2-8 pass + 8 luggage's/All family ONE RIDE)
Special 12 pass Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Shuttle Black/Airport only outside Curb side pick-up $297 (2-12 pass + 12 luggage's/All family ONE RIDE)

>> (20% driver TIP, tolls, parking if apply on arrival NOT included in the PRICE), ONE PRICE, NO WORRY, NO SURPRISES AT FINAL DESTINATION.
Additional Charges:
- any service at night + $25
- any service on holidays + $25
- rush hour traffic + $30 stretch limousine + $40 Super stretch limo
- for Manhattan pick-up/drop off below 42 street or above 96 St. (up to 125 St.) additional $30 for stretch limousine or $40 for Super stretch limo.
- NY sales Tax 8.873% to ALL AIRPORT PRICES.

COMPARE other companies New York JFK airport transfer prices:
-VAN of 7-10 pass $25 per person plus tolls/no privacy, no luxury, no comfort and will make multiple stops to drop off other pass so enjoy the ride with strengers.
-BUS of 30 pass $25 per person plus tolls/no privacy, no luxury, no comfort.
-Royal Way luxury 6 pass stretch limousine (2-5 pass) only $38 per person/$189.00 RELAX with Luxury interior and Comfort, enjoy the NY PRIVATE LIMO RIDE.
-Royal Way luxury 14 pass Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Shuttle Black (2-14 pass) only $22 per person/$297.00 RELAX with Luxury interior and Comfort, enjoy the NY PRIVATE RIDE.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party NY SPECIAL up to 14 pass SUV GMC Stretch Limo - min 5 hours $95/h +fees - reserve online only.

Royal Way Limousine, Inc. can take you to LaGuardia (LGA) NY, JFK NY, Newark (EWR) airports, as well Teterboro (TEB) Private Jet, Westchester County (HPN), New York City Airport Limousine Service. Considering everything you have to prepare before boarding a flight, do you really want to think about driving to the airport dealing with the NY traffic or parking you can depend on our reliable services? If this is your first time in New York do not even think to take a chance not arranging all the details prior arrival, you will be surprised. We can make your next private NY sedan limo transfer Newark to Manhattan NYC Airport Limo Transfers as easy as possible, New York City limo.
We will treat you like Royalty. Our company has a history of exceptional service with affordable prices and peace of mind, New York Limo JFK.
We are open 24 hours a day so please give us a call, e-mail us your info or RESERVE online secure your upcoming NY transportation needs.

Let our professionals and NYC Chauffeured Limos take care of all your needs as well of any details you may enquire, Manhattan Limousine service. First impressions are so important, imagine your name or your guest at the arrival area this is the way to start your vacation the Royal Way. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve NYC limousine services. Our CHAUFFEUR will provide efficient door-to-door private jet NYC airport stretch limousine service to your destination hotel, residence or business destinations as well we can take care of other details you may wish during your stay (restaurant, theatre, sightseeing, shopping, night clubs). Tell us your return date and we'll take care of that as well. Book our luxury New York City Wedding Limousines now! We will treat you like Royalty the moment you arrive if this is what you want or your loved one deserved. We Provide LaGuardia Airport LimosJFK Airport Transfers and Newark Liberty Airport Limousines

Click on the picture New York Airport Lincoln Stretch Limousine Interior Click on the picture Click on the picture

We cater to both corporate and private individuals ALIKE, no matter what are your needs, New York business travel or pleasure!
Let Royal Way Limousine take care of ALL your ground transportation needs. Moreover, we are CONFIDENT that you will discover our New York limousine services to be far superior to those of your recent transportation experiences, New York airport limousine.

New York City Lincoln Stretch Limousine-6 pass SUV Stretch GMC Limo 14 Pass Interior SUV Stretch GMC Limousine Click on the picture Interior stretch H-2 HUMMER Limousine
NYC 14 pass Mercedes-benz sprinter shuttle black NY 14 pass sprinter interior New York NY 14 pass Mercedes-benz sprinter side door New York 14 pass sprinter baggage area

We are glad to be at your service, your peace and safety is very important to us. LAST MINUTE Airport limo reservations are WELCOME.

Companies who have been in business for years and provide service excellence are NEVER THE CHEAPEST.
If TAXI PRICES are your priority you are best served hiring a TAXI, NOT a LUXURY LIMOUSINE professional service.

CHEAPER PRICE means RISK for you, as the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for."
-our prices are TOTAL and services are the best guarantee, NO HIDDEN COSTS AT YOUR DESTINATION -read CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

LGA, JFK, NEWARK Airport limousine transfer ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE plus New York Sightseeing Tours Combination Price DEAL:
-6 pass Luxury Lincoln Stretch Limousine combination service special price below
LGA $349.00 + or JFK $379.00 + or EWR $399.00 + Tip, TAX, etc
-include 1 transfer for AIRPORT Arriving OR Departing + (New York City sightseeing tour 2 hrs until final destination Manhattan hotel/home/airport).
-include 1 transfer (Manhattan cruise terminal) + (New York City sightseeing tour 2 hours until final destination Manhattan hotel/apt/home).
-imagine your self to be picked up at the airport with stretch limousine or SUV Stretch Limousine (SUV large group up to 8-9 pass) - start your NYC vacation by limousine in STYLE the moment you arrive like no other.
Welcoming someone special by you (parents-wife-fianc?relatives-girl/boy friend) $299 + include round trip service (pick-up home + lga/jfk airport + return home).
Please ADD to above package combination of Airport Arrival or Departure +NYC Tour +(20% gratuity, tolls, parking, 8.873% NY sales TAX, c. card 3% service fee).

MANHATTAN NY SPECIAL sedan or limousine price Package DEALS/ONLY if you use our airport services First, so add them only when you RESERVE Online: (only for restaurant, theatre, night club, shopping)
- 6 pass Stretch Limousine - min. 3 hours/$225.00+ tip, tolls *additional time $75/hour+
- 6 pass stretch limo black SUPER day SPECIAL ** 8 Hrs for only $520.00+ Please Reserve/Pay 1 week in advance.
- 8 pass Stretch Limousine - min. 3 hours/$265.00+ *additional time $85/hour+
- up to 14 pass SUV Stretch Limousine GMC - SPECIAL min. 4 hours/$440.00+ *additional time $125/h+
+ ADDITIONAL to MANHATTAN NY special sedan or limousine price packages (20% driver TIP, tolls, $25 night service, 8.873% NY sales TAX).

-in case you do not see your combination service or understand our prices please E-MAIL to us at info@royalwaylimo.com
-must visit STATUE OF LIBERTY - New York Harbor - get more info/buy tickets at 877-523-9849

Certain size luggage restriction will apply:
-prices will allow any combination of 5-6-7 pieces of luggage's for 6-8-10 pass STRETCH limousines for airport service.
-NIGHT services or Holidays +$25 service surcharge.
-RUSH HOUR AIRPORT surcharge  +$30 stretch limousine
-OPTION to pay with credit card or PayPal.com for services + 3% service fee

AIRPORT Client Collection/Waiting Time Polices:

  • Our prices are per VEHICLE SEDAN OR STRETCH LIMOUSINE not per passenger.
  • We update incoming flights for proper collection, but we are not responsible for AIRLINE EARLY ARRIVALS or Delays air/ground/customs/luggage's.
  • Domestic Arrival pick-up: a 40 minutes FREE WAIT TIME is given from the scheduled arrival time, unless you notify us prior to your arrival of unexpected change on your arrival due to your departure circumstances.
  • International Arrival pick-up:1 Hour FREE WAIT TIME is given from the scheduled arrival time given by your AIRLINE.
  • After the AIRPORT FREE WAITING TIME elapsed additional 15 minutes waiting time will be charge at $25.00 for a Stretch Limousine (for domestic or international arrivals, PLEASE NOTE that we will wait for you as long it will takes you).
  • Please note: If your reservation is completed by us and confirmed by you, you will be charge cancellation service fee of 23% from total amount, NO-SHOW -will be charge in FULL.

Airport Pick-up Important Policies

  • Domestic arrival meet your chauffeur inside at the luggage claim, holding prominently a sign with YOUR NAME, FREE.
  • International arrival meet your chauffeur right after you clear customs, holding prominently a sign with YOUR NAME, FREE.
  • If by any chance you MISS or your domestic flight is delay or cancelled at the airport departure please call us toll free in USA or Canada 866-253-3705.
  • IF your International flight is CANCELLED AT Departure you MUST CALL US to INFORM US about this change (USA number 00+1-212-593-3291).

    WHAT if I don't see MY DRIVER, and I decide to leave? DO NOT LEAVE just call our OFFICE.
    Our MEET and GREET inside with sign your full name is FREE of CHARGE, to call us is FREE so just dial our number.
    With your CONFIRMATION we give you a TOLL FREE phone number complete 866-253-3705 to call in the event of a mix-up (this would normally occur when there is a last minute gate change, the terminal arrivals monitor is incorrect or the terminal parking lot is FULL or CLOSED). Royal Way Limousine, Inc. hold the customer responsible for NOT informing us about their status, will result on NO SHOW charges in FULL CONTRACTED. If you CANNOT LOCATE YOUR DRIVER, you are responsible to call us, so we may expediently resolve the matter. We attempt on our part to locate the DRIVER and link the customer with the driver.
    IF customer fails to communicate with us, we CANNOT HELP THEM. If the customer DECIDES TO LEAVE, the customer is RESPONSIBLE for the full charge. Full charges include base rate, gratuity, meet greet charges, parking fees, waiting time and any applicable tolls and taxes in connection with the service RESERVED.
  • For every confirmed airport/non-airport RESERVATION the customer will be able to contact their driver within their call to Royal Way Limousine, we never miss a client.
  • NYC pick-up or drop off below 42 street or above 96 street (up to 125 street) additional $30 for stretch limo.
  • SAME AIRPORT other terminal quick pick-up or drop off additional $50.00 for stretch limousine.
  • Other on route pick-up or drop-off minimum $40 for stretch limousine based on distance.
Royal Way Limousine New York Luxury Limos the moment you arrive or depart like no other!

HOTEL RECOMMENDATIONS in Manhattan/New York City
-Time Square 47 street Broadway/8 Ave. call 1-212-840-5000 or www.edisonhotelnyc.com
Radisson Hotel -48 street Lexington/3 Ave. call 1-212-755-4400
Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel -Lexington Ave. 57/56 St. call 800-367-7701 or 1-212-355-0100
Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel -44 St Lexington/3 Ave. call 800-367-7701 or 1-212-351-6800
Intercontinental -The Barclay Hotel -111 E 48 St. Park/Lexington Ave. call 1-212-755-5900
Westin Hotel -43rd St. at 8 Ave. call 1-212-921-9575
Room-Mate GRACE Hotel -125 West 45 Street, NYC Call 1-212-354-2323
Embassy Suites Hotel -102 North End Avenue, NYC Call 1-212-945-0100
The BLAKELY Hotel -136 West 55 Street, NYC Call 1-212-245-1800 or www.blakelynewyork.com
Hampton Inn Hotel -851 8 Avenue 51/52 Street, NYC Call 1-212-581-4100
The SHOREHAM Hotel -33 West 55 Street, NYC Call 1-212-247-6700 or www.shorehamhotel.com
The Michelangelo Hotel -152 West 51 Street at 7 Ave, NYC call 1-212-765-1900
Hilton GARDEN INN Hotel -790 8 Avenue 48/49 Street, NYC Call 1-212-581-7000
The WALDORF-ASTORIA Hotel -301 Park Avenue at 50 Street, NYC call 1-212-355-3000
The MARRIOTT MARQUIS Hotel -Broadway at 45 St or 46 St, NYC call 1-212-398-1900
The SHERATON NEW YORK Hotel -811 7 Ave at 53 Street, NYC call 1-212-581-1000
Tribeca Grand Hotel -Church St./Avenue of Americas, NYC Call 1-212-519-6600 or www.tribecagrand.com
Park Central Hotel -870 7 Avenue 57/56 St, NYC Call 1-212-247-8000 or www.parkcentralny.com
The PLAZA NEW YORK Hotel -59 5 Avenue, NYC call 1-212-759-3000 or www.theplaza.com
Sherry Netherland Hotel -781 5 Avenue at 60/59 Street, NYC Call 1-212-355-2800 or www.sherrynetherland.com
Grand Hyatt New York Hotel -42nd Street Lex/Park Ave, 1- 212-883-1234 or www.grandnewyork.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp
The London NYC Hotel -54 St. at 7 Ave, www.thelondonyc.com
The Buckingham Hotel -101 West 57 St. at 6 Ave, NYC call 1-888-511-1900
NIGHT Hotel -132 W 45 Street, NYC Call 1-212-835-9600 or www.nighthotelny.com
LaGuardia Airport MARRIOTT Hotel -102-05 Ditmars Blvd. East Elmhurst Queens, NY Call 1-718-565-8900
WOLCOTT Hotel -4 West 31 Street NYC 5 Ave/Broadway Call 1-212-268-2900
New York City Vacation Home - East Village NYC Call 1-516-680-1555 or http://www.nycvacationhome.com

HOTEL RECOMMENDATIONS in Westchester County/New York
Castle on the HUDSON Hotel
-400 Benedict Ave. Tarrytown call 1-914-631-1980
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel - RYE -631 Midland Ave. RYE NY call 1-914-921-1110
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel - Tarrytown -475 White Plains Road, Tarrytown NY call 1-914-631-1122
Crowne Plaza White Plains Hotel -66 Hale Ave. White Plains call 1-914-682-0050
Doubletree Hotel - Tarrytown -455 South Broadway, Tarrytown NY call 1-914-631-5700
Hilton Rye Town Hotel -699 Westchester Ave. RYE Brook (Port Chester) NY call 1-914-939-6300
RADISSON Hotel -One Radisson Plaza, New Rochelle call 1-914-576-3700 or www.radisson.com/newrochelleny
Tarrytown House Estates Hotel -49 East Sunnyside Lane, Tarrytown call 1-914-591-8200 or www.tarrytownhouseestate.com
Westchester Marriott Hotel -670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown call 1-914-631-2200
Renaissance White Plains Hotel -80 W Red Oak Lane, West Harrison call 1-914-694-5400

Sheraton on the Hudson/Lincoln harbor
- 500 Harbor Blvd. Weehawken NJ call
(201) 617-5600
Hyatt Regency on the Hudson - 2 Exchange Place, Jersey City NJ call

Discount Cruises, Last Minute Cruises, Cruise, Cruise Line, Cruise Vacation call 1-800-338-4962 or www.vacationstogo.com


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