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Royal Way Limo is specialized in New York City Tours Limousine, we offer FANTASTIC New York City Limo Tour Service at affordable prices in NYC.
PRINT a copy of this marvelous New York City tour limousine private sightseeing: We are the EXPERT if first time visiting New York. There's so much to see and do in New York City it may take you several visits to do it all. By pre-arranging your New York City limo tour you save valuable time and SEE a LOT of NY.

“I Love New York City VIP Private Limousine Tour” 2 hours package: ONE PRICE, no hidden fees at your final destination.
The I Love New York City Limousine Tour is a good choice if you want to keep the PRICE down. It covers most of Manhattan attractions if you do not have to much time in New York. WE GUARANTEE, that you'll NEVER SEE this much of New York tours in 2 hours on your own if you use the BUS/SUBWAY/Walk, tour limousines new york.
We Value Your Privacy and treat you like royalty. Our CHAUFFEUR is professional with experience in NY limo tours.
Check our LOW COST TOUR PRICES below. Ready to Book call us NOW? Have a Question??? 2 hours NYC limo tour quote
- or Please e-mail your information to info@royalwaylimo.com
- TOUR is conducted in English or Spanish/however, since the tour is mostly visual, can work wonderfully even if you have only a basic understanding of English.

Explores about 33% of MANHATTAN, private from your NY limousine. You will see a lot of NYC! Check out the list below. HOWEVER, you will not see the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. There's just too much Manhattan to cram all of it into one 2 hour sightseeing tour, but this will give a great idea if this is the first time in NY, MUST TRY to experience and we promised that you will be impressed with our low cost limo tour nyc. BE THE NEXT NY STAR. OUR NYC TOUR CAN BE PERFECT FOR BIRTHDAY, ENGAGEMENT, WEDDING, RESTAURANT or JUST PARTY.
Experienced CHAUFFEUR will ACT as a driver guide with BASIC info during the TOUR, however our limo tour is mostly visual with as many stops you want.

“I Love New York City PRIVATE Limousine Tour” 2 hours package -Royal Way Limo will NEVER CANCEL on You, 100% guaranteed service.
Here's what you may SEE, you will be able to make short STOPS, our New York City limo tour include STOPS - DRIVER will NOT DRIVE CONTINUE, ITINERARY IDEA BELOW:

* CENTRAL PARK - a picturesque 843 acres right in the heart of Manhattan.
* 5th Avenue - the most expensive shopping district in the world.
* TRUMP Tower NYC - exclusive shops; celebrities addresses.
* Cartier Building - rare surviving mansion.
* St. Patrick's Cathedral - 5th Avenue’s famous church.
* Rockefeller Center NYC - home to NBC Studios + TODAY morning live show & the famous ice-skating rink & Christmas tree.
* TIMES SQUARE/Broadway/Theatre District - the Crossroads of the World + the biggest New Years celebration (since 1907).
* EMPIRE State Building - built in 1931, the world's quintessential skyscraper as well OBSERVATORY.
I LOVE SOUVENIRS - 377 5 Avenue (Bet 36th-35th Street) near EMPIRE STATE Bldg - the BEST SHOP IN NYC open until midnight 212-532-5339
* Flatiron Building - NYC's first true skyscraper and first building with steel structure built 1901.
* Union Square Park - New York University free zone.
* Greenwich Village - New York's bohemia.
* SOHO - the heart of Manhattan's fashionable downtown art scene.
* Chinatown - shopping and home to millions of immigrants during the turn of century.
* Little Italy - authentic food and home to Italian festival.
* Brooklyn Bridge - the longest suspension bridge in the world for 20 years now 128 Years OLD.
* CITY HALL - landmark building (built 1803) - home of NYC MAYORS
* Financial District - the birthplace of NYC; home of the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street - do not touch the BULL behind, will kick.
* STATUE of Liberty - for 125 years, symbolizing freedom in the New World AMERICA. - Need to Reserve tickets call free 1-877-523-9849
* GROUND Zero - World Trade Center 1 built 2015, the tallest buildings in the USA 1776 FT at 110 stories.
Please NOTE: We are not responsible for traffic regulations, please mention the most you want to cover FIRST.

SUPER SPECIAL NY LIMO TOUR DEAL (SUV stretch limo with 5-6-8 hours tour) -get 5% holiday discount, must Reserve directly online.

I Love New York City private limousine tour PRICES
(2 hours low cost package, tour by night+$50 -dedicated service, Prices are PER VEHICLE Limousine)

6 pass Stretch limousine black (special price 2 people) $269.00 +20% driver TIP + 8.873% TAX =all inclusive -add more time $100/h + tip, tax
6 pass Stretch limousine black (accommodates 3-5 people) $299.00 +20% driver TIP + 8.873% TAX =all inclusive -add more time $100/h + tip, tax
8 pass Stretch limousine black (2-7 people) $359.00 + 20% driver TIP + Tax
10 pass Stretch limousine (2-8/9 people) $425.00 + 20% TIP + TAX
10 pass Stretch MKT limousine (2-9 pass) $499.00 +tip, tax
12 pass Stretch SUV super limousine white (2-11 people) $499.00 + 20% TIP + 8.873% NY Sales Tax
14 pass Stretch SUV GMC limousine white (2-12 pass) $550.00 + 20% driver TIP + TAX
20 pass Stretch SUV Cadillac Escalade super stretch limousine white (2-19 pass) - please must e-mail for price
- Private 2 hours limousine Tour special package (Friday to Sunday tour will have slight price increase).
- FREE Water, Soda in the limousine. To add a bottle of American champagne in the limousine +$40.00

    Royal Way Limousine Tour CLIENT BENEFITS:
    -need a limo tour NOW just call, RIDE with your family/friends and save money.

    -TOUR can Start or Finish at your HOTEL, Residence, Business (NEED to finish at Restaurant/Theater/Club - NO EXTRA CHARGE).
    -TOUR services pick-up Times Square, weekend, below 42 street or above 96 street in NYC additional charge =$30 for stretch limo, super stretch $40, tolls $16.
    -we can pick-up OUTSIDE of MANHATTAN, AIRPORT arrival or departure or Cruise or Hotel (+luggage's) =$150 additional CHARGE
    -fantastic VIP private tour, dedicated exclusive service
    -CLIENT IN CHARGE, stop anytime you want, walk, explore take pictures from inside the limo
    -enjoy at your own peace, additional hour needed OK/if available
    -WE RECOMMEND NY LIMO TOUR TO ALL AGES, DISCOVER NYC the moment you arrive is our goal


Sincere Testimonial:
Read what our clients have to say about **** The Royal Way Sightseeing Limousine Tour ****

Thanks so much for our recent limo experience. Starting our stay in NEW YORK with a limo sightseeing tour gave us an overview of the city and helped us decide how we wanted to spend the rest of the week. Chauffeur was fabulous! We would highly recommend this service to our friends and family.
Clean limo. Name: G. MEACHAM Customer City/Country: USA

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