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Royal Way Limo is specialized in New York Night Tour Lights Sightseeing Limo Tour, NYC Holiday tour, we offer FANTASTIC Tour Service at affordable prices.
WE GUARANTEE, that you'll NEVER SEE this much of New York City Lights in 3 hours on your own. First thing to do in New York is the NIGHT LIMO TOUR.
PRINT this 3 hours nyc private night tour: We are NYC EXPERT NIGHT LIGHTS or Holiday tour if first time visiting New York. You will never see this much of New York Night Lights on your own tour. By pre-arranging your night lights sightseeing tour limo you save valuable time and SEE a LOT of NY Lights by limo, more lights on holiday season.

"I Love NY Night Lights Private Limousine Tour" 3 hours nyc night tour package:
I Love NY Night lights Limousine Tour is a good choice if you really like NYC lights and keep the cost down. It covers all of Manhattan lights at night and allows you to see far more. We Value Your Privacy and treat you like royalty. Our CHAUFFEUR are professional with experience, we offer SUV stretch limousine tour NY.
Check our TOUR PRICES below. Ready to Book? Have a Question? CALL US NOW to BOOK. REQUEST PRICE QUOTE/please e-mail your information to
-TOUR is conducted in English or Spanish however, since the tour is mostly visual, can work wonderfully even if you have only a basic understanding of English.

Explores the most beautiful night tour lights, holiday LIGHTS, window decorations of MANHATTAN, from your private limousine. You will see a lot! Check out the list below. HOWEVER, we will take you even over the Brooklyn bridge, east side drive and more. Discover New York Lights at Night like never before will take your breath away, MUST TRY to experience and we promised that you will be impressed with this tours new york.
Experienced CHAUFFEUR will give BASIC info and try to show you all the NY lights during the NIGHT LIGHT Limo TOUR, however our limo tour is mostly visual with as many STOPS you want.

"I Love NY Night Lights PRIVATE Limousine Tour" 3 hours -Royal Way Limo will NEVER CANCEL YOU, 100% guarantee service.
Here's what you may SEE as well we will MAKE short STOPS, our night lights limo tour include STOPS so we will NOT DRIVE CONTINUE, ITINERARY IDEA BELOW:

Explore Magnificent New York night lights from your private NY limo like never before as well HOLIDAY night LIGHTS in NYC from NOV 15th until JAN 9th.
1. Columbus Circle - Time Warner Center — Statue of Christopher Columbus 1905 70-foot/22m (3 ships Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria) by Sculptor Gaetano Russo.
2. Central Park — a picturesque 843 acres right in the heart of Manhattan.
3. Plaza Hotel — Central Park East,  Apple Store
4. 5th Avenue — Windows decorations of the most expensive shopping district in the world, Prada, Cartier, Versace, Saks 5 Ave, Lord&Taylor, etc.
5. Trump Tower — Tiffany, exclusive shops, celebrities addresses.
6. St. Patrick's Cathedral — 5th Avenue’s world famous Catholic church.
7. Rockefeller Center —  the famous ice-skating rink + the biggest Holiday CHRISTMAS TREE lights display.
8. Radio City Music Hall — home to the Rockettes (holiday Christmas spectacular show).
9. Diamond District/47 street — 70% of the diamond trade in America is done here.
10. Times Square lights — named in 1901 + Broadway Theatre District - the Crossroads of the World - the Biggest New Year's Celebration.
11. MACY'S windows — founded 1858 the biggest department store in the world/guest of the Thanksgiving balloons parade.
12. EMPIRE State Building lights — built 1931 the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the world's quintessential skyscraper as well OBSERVATORY.
13. FLATIRON Building — built in 1901-1903 NYC's first true skyscraper and first building with steel structure 22 floors.
14. Union Square — PARK and New York University Area.
15. Greenwich Village lights (Washington Sq. Park - replica ARC of Triumph, Bleecker St) — New York's bohemia.
16. SOHO Shopping windows — the heart of Manhattan's fashionable downtown art scene.
17. Chinatown (Canal Street Shopping, ladies purses during daytime) — home to millions of immigrants during the turn of the century.
18. Little Italy decorations and lights — Mulberry Street Festival - Best Italian Restaurants.
19. Manhattan Bridge — built 1909 stretches 3,224 feet (983 m), over the east river.
20. STATUE of Liberty at night — from 1886 until now, symbolizing freedom in the New World AMERICA. More info/visit 1-212-363-3200
21. STOP UNDER THE BROOKLYN Bridge — built 1883/stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m), overview east river and the financial center downtown skyline .
22. BROOKLYN Bridge lights — built 1883 stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m), the longest suspension bridge in the world for 20 years.
23. WORLD TRADE CENTER 1 — built 2015 the tallest building in the USA 1776 feet at 118 floors.
24. FDR DRIVE lights — Over see the beauty at night of East side Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens.
25. Chrysler Building lights — built tallest in NY 1928 one of NYC’s most beloved buildings.
26. Grand Central Station — Built 1903 Kaleidoscope Holiday laser light Show - every 30 minutes.
27. BRYANT PARK — former NY FASHION shows, Winter (Christmas Tree from Canada).
Please NOTE: We are not responsible for traffic rules and regulations in New York City in special during Holiday season.

DYKER Heights lights, Brooklyn NY -The greatest concentration of decorated homes in Dyker Heights is around 12th Avenue and 84th Street. If you want to see some of the most extravagant Christmas light displays, you should make the trip to the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Many of the Christmas light displays are done professionally, and they tend to evolve each year in an unspoken effort to "outdo" each other. In addition to over-the-top Christmas lights, there are large inflatable Christmas decorations and even motorized Christmas displays.

When is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lit? We offer 4 hours limo tour services. Each year the world's most famous Tree is lit the week following Thanksgiving. The 2018 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, NOVEMBER 30th, 2018 with live and taped performances from 7-9 PM, Some 250,000 people were estimated in attendance
. The tree will be illuminated with 30,000 lights through January 7th, 2018 - 9:00 PM. Visit New York City for the 2018 Tree Lighting!
Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Information: The Tree will be illuminated from 5:30 Am to Midnight daily, all day (24 hours) on Christmas Day, and from 5:30 Am to 9 Pm on New Year's Eve. The Tree may be viewed 24 hours a day, but is the most glorious when lit.
Location to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: The Tree is located at Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and West 51st Streets and 5th and 6th Avenues, Manhattan.

    -This tour is available every night, Holiday in NY, RIDE with your Family/kids/relatives/friends visiting NY and save money.
    -this night lights limo tour will work also perfect for engagement, special occasions, birthday or vacation in New York.

    -WE 100% guarantee your limousine with reservation, fantastic VIP private tour, dedicated exclusive/LUXURY service.
    -tour can start or finish at the HOTEL, Apt, residence, business in Manhattan NY - OPTION to finish your tour at restaurant/theater/night club -NO PROBLEM/NO CHARGE.
    -if tour start or finish outside MANHATTAN, Airports arrival or departure or cruise or hotel + Additional CHARGE (you will know with Price Quote, $150 each way)
    -TOUR services pick-up Times Square, weekend, below 42 street or above 96 street in NYC additional charge =$30 for stretch limo, super stretch $40, tolls 16.
    -Night service and all American holidays +$25. DYKER heights Christmas decoration lights tour +$50. Professional service with experience.
    -CLIENT IN CHARGE, an exclusive tour, STOP anywhere you want anytime you want (walk, explore NY lights, enjoy or take a picture).
    -excellent if you want to enjoy at your own peace and PRIVATE, we will never cancel you and we guarantee additional time needed.
    -WE RECOMMEND NY LIMO TOUR TO ALL AGES, DISCOVER NYC night lights the moment you arrive is our goal.
    *** after this limousine tour tell a New Yorker that you are not from New York and he will not believe you!

    NY LIMOUSINE Holiday TOURS with small KIDS (0-6 Years) get 5% discount when RESERVE directly online and pay 2 months in advance.

    RESERVATION your night lights limo or holiday light limo tour on-line/secure

    I Love NY Night Lights Private Limousine tour package PRICES (3 hours Night Holiday package -dedicated service, PRICES are per VEHICLE)
    6 pass Stretch limousine (accommodates 2 pass) - $350.00*** - extra time $100/h
    6 pass Stretch limousine (accommodates 3-5 pass) - $375.00*** - extra time $100/h
    8 pass Stretch limousine tour (2-7 pass) - $440.00*** - extra time $125/h
    10 pass Stretch limousine tour (2-9 pass) - $525.00*** - extra time $150/h
    12 pass Super Stretch SUV GMC limousine white (2-11 pass) - $599.00*** - extra time $165/h
    14 pass Super Stretch SUV GMC limousine white (including driver) - $640.00*** - extra time $165/h
    20 pass Super Stretch SUV CADILLAC Escalade super limousine white (2-19 pass) - please e-mail for price quote.
    *** please ADD to above prices 20% driver TIP, Night Service, Tax, Tolls=ONE PRICE/All Inclusive
    -Night Lights Private Tour limousine, holiday packages, enjoy the view sipping on our FREE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE, (Only water, soda for limo with kids).

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    Thanks so much for our recent limousine experience. Starting our stay in NEW YORK with a limo sightseeing tour gave us an overview of the city and helped us decide how we wanted to spend the rest of the week. Chauffeur was fabulous! We would highly recommend NY Limo tour service to our friends and family.
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