Royal Way Limousine, Inc. NYC


Royal Way Limousine, Inc. mission is to offer our customers the finest and quality limousine service available in New York with competitive prices.
Royal Way Limousine, Inc. provide service with higher standards in the limousine industry and NOT affiliate with other New York LIMOUSINE COMPANIES SO BE AWARE.

At Royal Way Limousine, Inc., we take pride in our punctuality, pleasantness, politeness and patience.
ROYAL WAY LIMOUSINE, INC. WILL NEVER CANCEL ON YOU, our services are 100% guarantee with peace of mind and in return we expect THAT YOU DO NOT CANCEL ON US, AS WELL.

If a vehicle (sedan or stretch limousine) is RESERVED by client or Reservation COMPLETED by us or CONFIRMED by both parties and you DO NOT CANCEL as per our cancellation policies and we send the vehicle at the pick-up location specified on your reservation and you DO NOT SHOW UP for any reasons you will be charge in FULL PRICE CONTRACTED on your credit card.

Our MEET and GREET VIP service is FREE OF CHARGE so you MUST call us if you have any problem.

VERY Important: To avoid being charge for "NO SHOW" at the pick-up location established, YOU MUST CALL US IMMEDIATELY - VERY SIMPLE.

NO SHOW (airport, hotel, etc.): IF you do not see your driver at the PICK-UP LOCATION established on your reservation DO NOT LEAVE the spot before calling our office (IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL US, must call 1-212-593-3291 or from the AIRPORT PHONE FREE number 1-866-253-3705 provided on your confirmation). If you LEAVE THE PICK-UP LOCATION without calling us you will be CHARGE for the FULL PRICE of the ride contracted plus extra expenses.
- PLEASE MUST follow our precise instructions given with your RESERVATION CONFIRMATION. Also make sure that you do not get in any complication like get into a wrong limousine or go with other company then the one you RESERVE (when you have a reservation with us we 100% guarantee your service) because you do not want to PAY 2 TIMES FOR ONE SERVICE. We always hold ROYAL WAY LIMOUSINE card and your FULL NAME on it or you can call us if you have any problem.

All efforts to contact you the customer via cell number or e-mail or all other contact information will be made before our Driver is released and the TRIP is deemed "NO SHOW" reservation.  IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM AND YOU FAIL TO CONTACT US (30 minutes for non airport service and 60 minutes for airport service) from the time of your appointment we will call "NO SHOW" and charge accordingly.
    Please see our Cancellation policy:
  • Reservation completed in advance and CANCELLED before services 7 days=23% charge from TOTAL PRICE CONTRACTED.
  • CANCELLATION of a reservation completed in advance but before services 48 hours=50% charge from TOTAL PRICE CONTRACTED.
  • CANCELLATION of a reservation completed in advance but before services=100% CHARGE IN FULL CONTRACTED.
  • Cancellation of a 6,8,10 pass STRETCH LIMOUSINE TOUR OF NYC SERVICE RESERVATION will result on 100% charge in full price contracted.
  • Cancellation of a 14 pass SUV EXCURSION STRETCH LIMOUSINE any SERVICE RESERVATION will result on 100% charge in full price contracted.
  • If you Miss your flight or your flight is Delayed OR Cancelled or ARRIVED EARLY or Late, Royal Way Limousine, Inc. must be called 212-593-3291 or from the AIRPORT PHONE Free number 1-866-253-3705 to avoid being charged in FULL for "NO SHOW".

    Collection Fees: You agree to pay all legal counseling fees, litigation fees, legal fees, costs, accounting fees, expenses and disbursements for all actions taken prior to, during and subsequent to the initiation of legal proceedings to collect payments due incase of non-payment.

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